Southern Australia Asks Apple to Ban Play-Money Gambling Apps for Teenagers

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Mobile giant Apple has been approached by Southern Australian premiere Jay Weatherill to ban play-money gambling apps for kids

Mobile technology giant Apple is definitely willing to assist Australia and other governments to ban the launch of real-money online gambling apps. Now, one state is asking them to go a step further by preventing kids from accessing even the play-money versions of gambling apps.

Apple on Board

That’s the word from South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill, who says that their federal government has already contacted Apple about cooperating with the policy, which may make it an offense to provide gambling apps to minors. This move would make SA the first state or territory in Australia to pass such a law while online gambling apps have been a part of the larger conversation on gambling reform throughout Australia.

The ban would only be one component of a strategy aimed at keeping children from getting into play-money gambling a spare time activity that many believe can result in genuine gambling problems later in life.

‘Research indicates that early exposure to gambling-like games may trigger some children problem that is developing habits later in life,’ Weatherill said. ‘we won’t stand straight back watching a generation that is new of addicts emerge. So we will lead the country again by taking these steps.’

Rating System for Gambling Apps

The program would also have SA clas Continue reading Southern Australia Asks Apple to Ban Play-Money Gambling Apps for Teenagers